Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a cat visit?

  • Cat visits last 30-45 minutes, and can include; feeding, medicating, water bowl refreshing, litter box scooping, as well as bringing in mail, turning lights on/off, opening/closing blinds. While visiting I will also provide enrichment through play, training, or cuddles to cats who enjoy the extra attention.
    During our initial Meet & Greet, we can discuss your cat’s particular routine, specific requirements, as well as favourite play style.

Other than cats and dogs, what other pets do you care for?

  • Small animals I have experience caring for include; rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hedgehogs, rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, turtles, fish, and various types of birds.
    During your Meet & Greet, I’d be delighted to meet your small critter and learn their specific care requirements.

Do you provide supplies for cat or small animal visits?

  • No, all food, bedding, litter… etc is to be provided by the pet owner. I find it is less stressful for pets when their normal routine is maintained as much as possible.
    Depending on the pet, I may bring extra toys or enrichment games to use during visits. We can discuss what type of games and enrichment activities are best suited to your pet during your Meet & Greet.

Can you give pets medications?

  • Yes, I can administer tablets, capsules, liquids, sublinguals, nasal sprays, topicals, and subcutaneous injections. During your Meet & Greet, we can go over your veterinarian’s recommendations for each required medication and if you have a preferred way to administer it to your pet.

Do you walk senior dogs?

  • Yes, most definitely! I love visiting senior and geriatric pets. I’m happy to do walks and/or enrichment visits specifically tailored to your pet’s abilities and needs.
    During the Meet & Greet, please share with me what your pet enjoys most and any special considerations they may require.

Do you walk reactive dogs?

  • Yes. I am happy to do Walk & Trains with reactive dogs and employ positive reinforcement training and management techniques to ensure an enjoyable, low-stress, walk for the dog.
    We can discuss any training or management you are currently working on with your dog as wells as your training goals, during your Initial Consult. Also, happy to consult with other professionals, such as previous trainers or behaviourists so that you can get the most out of your dog’s care team.

How long will my dog be out of the house?

  • It depends on the selected service.
    For example, an hour-long walk is an hour of actual walk time plus however long it takes to get the dog to and from their preferred space in the home, as well as time for drying off muddy paws after the walk, feeding lunch if required… etc. So, an hour-long walk often takes an hour and a half of time to fully complete.
    During the Meet & Greet we can go over what works best for your dog and I can give you a time estimate based on your selected service and personal requirements.

Will my dog ever come home dirty?

  • After wet walks, all dogs get paws wiped and a full towel off.
    That said, some dogs really, really enjoy rolling mud puddles and I can only get so much off with a towel so if you have a mud-loving dog, there is a chance they will come home dirty sometimes. We can discuss some options to mitigate that at the Meet & Greet.

Do you go to dog parks?

  • No. Generally I try to avoid busy areas and high traffic trails and parks, especially while walking multiple dogs or a reactive/fearful dog.

How many dogs do you walk at a time?

  • During private walks, you are guaranteed your dog will have my full attention.
  • During on-leash buddy walks, there might be 2 or 3 other dogs accompanying your dog. Buddy dogs are carefully matched together to ensure everyone has an enjoyable walk. If your dog has a nearby friend, with whom you would like to arrange buddy walks, please let me know during the Meet & Greet.

What sort of gear does my dog need?

  • Nothing special, a simple flat collar with ID and their municipal dog licence. If your dog does not have a flat collar, a collar or harness will be provided for walks.
  • Optionally, you may provide a well-fitted harness, if your dog prefers.
  • Leashes are provided.

Is there a pick-up or drop-off fee?

  • Pick-up and drop-off within the Tri-Cities is free!

Do you send regular updates?

  • Yes. You can opt to receive a text update at the end of each walk/service.
    If you prefer a different communication method, we can discuss options at your Meet & Greet.

Do you have references?

Do I need to give you a key?

  • It is not required, but most clients do provide keys or a door code so that I can care for their pets when they are not home.
  • All keys are kept in a secure safe when not in use. For additional security, I do not label keys with names or addresses.

Are you insured and bonded?

  • Yes! Elements Petcare is insured and bonded by ProFur, an insurance company specifically for pet care professionals.

How do I schedule my first walk or pet visit?

  • Email me at to arrange a free Meet & Greet. After completing a successful Meet & Greet as well as the new client intake forms, you can book services in-person, via text, or email.

What happens at a Meet & Greet?

  • During your free Meet & Greet, we go over the specific care requirements of your pet(s) and what you are hoping to get out of the pet care sessions. This is also a time for you to ask any questions you may have and explore which services would be most appropriate for your pet care needs and goals.
    Meet & Greets typically take between 15-30 minutes, but there is no set time requirement.

Who takes the photos posted to your website and social media?

  • All photos were taken by Maria Adams and posted with pet owners’ permission.
    Don’t need a dog walker but interested in getting some fun photos of your dog? Email me at to arrange a one-time photo walk or in-home cat photo session.