All pets must complete a successful Meet & Greet before booking services. To schedule a Meet & Greet, please email me at maria@elementspetcare.com.

Quick Visits

A short visit to provide your pet with a potty break. Visits may include feeding and/or medicating pets, as required. Ideal for puppies and senior dogs.

Private Walks

On-leash walks tailored to your dog’s specific exercise and enrichment needs. Private walks are available as either a half or full hour of one-on-one time for your dog. Walks include mental stimulation from sniffing, as well as playing fun games designed to improve leash manners. Ideal for dogs who need a little extra attention or simply prefer not to socialize with other dogs.
Reactive and fearful dogs are welcome, I would be happy to discuss protocols to accommodate dogs with behaviour challenges during your Meet & Greet.
Private Walks take place on weekday afternoons.

Buddy Walks

One hour on-leash walks with two or three other dogs. An excellent way to socialize your dog in a safe and fun way. Buddies are matched together based on the compatibility of personality, temperament, and exercise requirements. Each walk is specifically designed to meet the needs of each dog and ensure everyone enjoys the outing. Ideal for dogs who love hanging out with other dogs but are not interested in off-leash adventures.
Buddy Walks take place on weekday mornings, with pickups between 9-11 am.

Walk and Train

On-leash walks tailored to you and your dog’s specific training goals. These are 1-hour sessions that include time spent working on basic behaviours of your choosing with walking breaks sprinkled in. This service is great for dogs who need a little extra one-on-one time. It is also a good option for owners who have busy lives and are looking for ways to efficiently install basic obedience behaviours.

  • Some behaviour options are:
    • nose targets (dog touches their nose to your hand)
    • paw targets (shake a paw, go to mat/bed, paws up on an object… ect)
    • sit
    • stand
    • down
    • doorway and gate manners
    • loose leash walking
    • appropriate greetings with other dogs and people
    • leave it
    • drop it
    • stay

We can also work on things not listed above; please feel free to contact me to discuss your specific request.