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Amazing compassionate and kind care

Rated 5.0 out of 5
May 6, 2024

I really live Maria and her services! she is so kind to my senior dog and understands her needs and likes! She truly loves to teach and help the dog and handler team work together and learn and discover new things. I always trust that Porter is safe and happy and engaged on her adventures and I really had a great time doing training together. I also appreciate reveiving her high quality of feedback for our training and getting a unique new perspective and way of trying to overcome some issues we had during training!

Verdict: I’d recommend Maria for training and dog walking/adventure services in a heartbeat 💓



Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 19, 2023

Our now two year old Keeshond Skyler arrived during the pandemic when puppy classes were shut down. Having had dogs all my life we taught him basic obedience but he missed out on socialisation.

I enrolled him in agility classes which have been successful but he was easily distracted and lacked focus. Having competed in rally obedience with previous dogs I realized unlike agility, rally is calmer and focuses on basic obedience.

I enrolled him in private rally obedience classes with Maria Adams. Aside from being a rally instructor she is a behaviour specialist. We have been so impressed with Maria, her soft spoken mannerism calms both the dog and handler.

Maria is well prepared, knowledgeable and dedicated teacher. She has the ability to see Skyler’s needs and incorporates them into her teaching. Her feedback after completing a course is unbelievable. She not only reminds us to celebrate our achievements but also points out what needs to be improved in a kind way, then demonstrates how to do it properly and why.

Private classes with Maria have been amazing for both myself and Skyler. She has helped her with some of Skyler’s other challenges as well as taught us RallyO.

Heather T

Fantastic trainer!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
June 30, 2022

I highly recommend Maria for all pet care needs! She genuinely cares so much for all the animals in her care and is a fantastic trainer. She helped me so much with training my dog . From the basics to teaching my complex skills, Maria was able to help every step of the way. She provided specific advise based on my dogs needs and was able to suggest specific actions and provide support when addressing any and all concerns that were raised. She is always supportive and positive, my dog adores her and I appreciate all the help she’s provided along the way. Seeing my dogs training from when I got her to now is like night and day, she’s improved so much and continues to do so, all thanks to Maria’s help.

Katie S

“Maria is absolutely wonderful. Her kind and caring approach to pets shows how much she cares for animals. She has worked with us in training our little rescue Beagle, and Kida has learned many behaviours through Maria’s training in a timely fashion.

Kida also goes on weekly walks with Maria. As soon as the door opens Kida sees Maria and is excited to go on her nature walks.

I highly recommend working with Maria and Elements Petcare.”

– Ryan & Kevin (Kida)

“I’m very particular about how my dog, Grommet, is worked with and trained. Maria picked up on that from the very beginning and reassured me that her philosophy on training and interactions with pups is right on track with mine.  When she said, “dogs deserve to be paid for the work they do” I knew I could trust her with Grommet’s care and well-being.  Maria has been an amazing addition to my dog’s days.  Grommet has had trauma in the past and can be fearful and reactive to bikes, runners, men, and even statues.  Maria uses positive reinforcement techniques to support Grommet through his fears and to help him gain confidence and learn new positive associations with things/experiences he is sometimes aversive to.  On top of all this, Maria has been great to share reputable resources on training whenever I’ve felt stuck.  Most importantly, Grommet is happy and relaxed after his walks with Maria.”

– Bonnie (Grommet)

“Maria is great and takes care of everything, she even goes above and beyond what we had expected! She has been a fantastic care-taker for our pets on multiple occasions, even on short notice. She responds very quickly and is always extremely pleasant to deal with.”

– Joseph (Sherlock)

“Maria is clearly experienced. I had forgotten to tell her that one of my cats will only drink from a running tap. Next thing you know, she sends me a photo of my cat drinking from the tap! I have 3 cats. One is on insulin with 2 injections a day. She was very cognizant of the importance of the timing for the shots. She was very responsive to my extra messages. Bonus: She sent me some great photos of my cats.”

– Janice (Merlin, Fig, & Satchi)

“Worry free cat care. One of my cats is a bit snobby to other people, so it was extremely reassuring to see her warm up to Maria! Super attentive, super communicative, takes excellent photos, and great care with daily updates. I had full confidence in leaving my fur babies with Maria, and that confidence was confirmed upon my return to two happy cats.”

– Chris (Kali & Hermes)

“Maria is truly excellent with dogs of all shapes and sizes. Her ability to manage even the most unruly dogs is uncanny and I feel comfortable leaving my dog with her. Maria has demonstrated that she puts dogs at the centre of her life, ensuring they have the best level of care.”

– Alistair (Finnegan, Murphy & Parker)

“I absolutely love how much communication Maria provides while looking after our kitties. It lets me know that they are in great hands with her.”

– Hansina (Bastet & Jamanji)

“Maria was great with my kitties during my vacation. She kept us updated every day with cute pics, and was on time for our meetings. She also accommodated some last-minute schedule changes. I certainly recommend Maria!”

– Carina (Lua & Orion)