Trick Training

Trick training is not only fun, but it also strengthens your bond with your pet and can provide necessary mental and physical exercise.

As a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CDTI), I’m excited to be able to assist pet owners in achieving trick titles from Do More With Your Dog!. (Titles are also recognized by the CKC and AKC.)

Trick witnessing for titles, as well as coaching, can be done online or in-person.

Cats welcome too!

Service Options

  • Online Trick Coaching sessions include:
    • Unlimited virtual coaching via email for up to 6 months, customized to you and your pet’s needs
    • Written training plans and/or instructional videos provided
    • Trick witnessing
    • Title submission completed on your behalf
  • In-Person Trick Training sessions include:
    • Unlimited coaching via email for up to 6 months
    • Written training plans
    • Trick witnessing
    • Title submission completed on your behalf
    • Assistance with filming and editing video submission for championship-level titles
    • In-person services available to clients in the Tri-Cities only.

Already trained your dog to do enough tricks to qualify for a title? Email for options to have tricks witnessed without coaching.

Penny demonstrates hold, while wearing extra ears.
Porter says hello with a beautiful wave
Penny loves playing the ring toss game.

Trick Titles Available

To earn a title, the dog and handler team demonstrates a minimum number of tricks from the list to a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI). The tricks may be demonstrated in person or via video. Each level of title needs to be earned before you can progress to the next level. Once earned, you will receive an official certificate and ribbon, and you may add the corresponding suffix to your dog’s name.

  • Novice Trick Dog (NTD)
  • Intermediate Trick Dog (ITD)
  • Advanced Trick Dog (ATD)
  • Expert Trick Dog (ETD)
  • Trick Dog Champion (TDCH)
  • Trick Dog Grand Champion (TDGCH)

For those looking for an added challenge, there are Masters titles at each level as well.

  • Novice Masters: Demonstrate 30 Novice level tricks.
  • Intermediate Masters: Demonstrate 20 Intermediate level tricks.
  • Advanced Masters: Demonstrate 10 Advanced level tricks.
  • Expert Masters: Demonstrate 10 Expert level tricks.

Fun bonus trick challenges that have no prerequisite, all levels welcome:

  • That’s My Name (Submit 25 tricks, using the letters of your animal’s name.You can use their call name, or registered name, or first, last, middle name. There are no criteria for difficulty or trick description. You can make up your own tricks.)
  • Alphabet Tricks (come up with a trick for every letter of the alphabet)
  • 20 Tricks, 1 Prop (Use one item, such as a ball, box, or hoop, to do 20 tricks)
  • Summer Scavenger Hunt (Take a minimum of 15 photos of your pet, illustrating things on the 20 item scavenger hunt list)
  • Summer of Ruff (Take a minimum of 15 photos of your pet, illustrating things on the 20 item list of prompts)

For more details on any of the trick titles please go to Do More With Your Dog! or email me at